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Colorship Media provides graphic and industrial design services for large and small business. We specialize in creative design solutions that cost effectively promote our clients products and services regardless of scope or budget.



Colorship is your one stop shop for all of your design needs. Do you have a sketch, or perhaps just an idea? Our designers can turn your concept into a reality with 3D visualization and CAD software that enables you to see your product or solution in a natural and realistic way before the first tool is ever cut. Virtual prototyping is extremely cost effective vs. traditional prototyping techniques enabling you to change your design infinitely with little impact upon your budget.


Let Colorship manage your project from start to finish, or just the parts you might need a hand with. We have experience in project management ranging from corporate identity programs to entire retail store design and construction contracting. Our team of professionals will treat your project as if it were their own giving you the confidence that comes with a trusted partnership, that frees you up for more important duties... Like the next big concept!


Media is our middle name, and we mean business. Colorship Media can tailor a marketing and media solution suited to your product or service's particular needs. Our promotions work because we take the time to understand your current and prospective clients, as well as the features and benefits of your product or service. We can conduct detailed demographic surveys and develop test marketing plans that give you insight into your customers buying habits and what drives them to make a purchase.

Who uses our services?

Our customers are small business, individuals and large corporations. We've done several entire retail stores from concept to completion for Pet Centers of Indiana, Inc., parent company of Uncle Bill's Pet Centers the Mid-west's largest chain of USDA licensed full-line pet centers. The Colorship Design Group has developed logos for companies like CK Extrusions, Dayton Rogers, Emersion Technologies, Wild Beaver Saloons, APT the All-in Poker Tour, Uncle Bill's Pet Centers, The Indiana Council on Animal Welfare, The Indiana Council for Reptile and Amphibian Laws, and The Buck Stops Here restaurant chain. Indianapolis based rock band Falling Awake uses a logo we designed, and recently we recorded, mixed, mastered and produced the packaging and merchandise for Silent Son's self titled debut CD. We've produced television and radio commercials, documentaries, music videos, billboard advertising campaigns, and concerts. You name it... we can cover it.

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“Colorship Media brought my vision into reality. Thanks Colorship! You Rock!.”
- Rich Mrozik - Silent Son

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Custom Drum Designs
Custom Drum Designs
for Rok Hollywood

Some of our favorite work
All-over Print T's

Phone Tricks Logo and Mall Storefront Sign

Custom Logos - If you
can imagine it, we can
create it!


Curtis Kingsly Extrusions Logo

Curtis Kingsly Extrusions new logo by
Colorship Media & Design


Dayton Rogers Logo

Dayton Rogers Metalforming to use new corporate logo created by Colorship Media & Design

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